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Motor[i].PwmSf IDE setup calculation question
We typically use the system setup utility within the IDE to initially setup motor data structure elements. We use 320VDC servo motors and 230VAC Geo Direct PWM amplifiers, with Gate3 UMAC axis cards.

We recently noticed a discrepancy between the value calculated by the setup utility verses the formula listed in the documentation for the PWM Geo drives.

We use dual-axis GPL102 drives at 230VAC power input, which according to the drive documents yields a nominal DC bus of 325V. Our motor specs list a rated motor voltage of 320VDC. When we use that data per the equations listed in the Geo Drive PWM manual, we get motor[i].PwmSf = 14518. However, the setup utility is setting PwmSf to 18611 given the same data.

Why the difference?

Is there a risk of motor or amplifier damage if PwmSf is set higher than recommended by the drive docs?

We use the amplifier db that comes with the IDE for setup. We've also verified that the motor voltage is 320VDC in the motor db's we've created for the setup utility.


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