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System folder versioning and coexistence
Hello all !

I won't detail everything here, because it may be of no interest for most, but I managed to configure one single project compiling and working successfully on UMAC, PowerBrickAC, CK3E (Acontis stack) and Etherlite (Etherlab stack).

Up to IDE3, I used to configure all my controllers using .pmc files at startup. Basically, the new "System" folder of IDE4 can be completely ignore as long as some .pmc files keep configuring the sys, motor and enctable structures, EXCEPT for the EtherCAT folder in Acontis stack. For Etherlab stack, the ECAT structure can still be configured using a .pmc file, but you must go through the new EtherCAT folder/tool of IDE4 if you want to have your EtherCAT network working on a CK3E.

In the end, only the endianess and mounting points defers from UMAC/PowerBrickAC/Etherlite and CK3E, which is quite easy to manage.

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RE: System folder versioning and coexistence - J0hann - 02-04-2019, 06:51 AM

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