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Resume from M0 inside motion program?
FYI, I think we found the cause of the problem. It seems that in firmware version prior to 2.4.0, if a program has built up a non-trivial following error before the pause, it will not resume from the pause. If such a following error is present, subsequent programs did not reset the following error, and also would not resume from pause. Resetting the controller would reset the error and allow pause to work again until the error increased.

After updating to, the following error seems much less for the same program, and resuming is always successful.

I think this is related to the line in the 2.4 release notes, "When restarting a motion program after a Q (pause), S (step), or breakpoint stop, positioning axes do not have to be in the same position as they were in when the program was stopped."

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RE: Resume from M0 inside motion program? - maxvoxel8 - 01-02-2019, 02:17 PM

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