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Copy drive/motor setup to second axis
I would do the axis duplication in the editor by just copying all the Ivars and then do a block search & replace to update the numbers. Pretty easy peezy.
To get started, you can use the Backup utility to make a backup file of your project (or a virgin PMAC, that is $$$*** then save & run Backup).
This creates a text file that you can edit for your application, then download from within Pwin32.
Hint: You can leave all the math in place for various assignment statements like axis definitions rather than a single number. Then you can readily see where the number comes from - PMAC will do the math at download. ex: #3->(8000*4*25/17)X or M1877=(477.316*22)

I generally would break a project into 2(or 3) text files, one for configuration containing motor def, coordinate sys, userbuffer, Ivars, Mvar definitions, assignments, ModBus, etc. Be careful here as the order of some declarations matters. Again, the backup utility gives an excellent template to start from with things in their correct order where it matters.
The other file(s) would have PLC, PLCC, & Motion programs.

I use a 3rd party editor customized for PMAC language with column mode, Reg Expressions, custom macro's & file compare. PMAC's memory map is highly structured so being able to do structured editing can be very useful.
Works fine to have files open in editor simultaneously while using Pwin32 for all the realtime PMAC stuff and to download the same files open in the editor. Edit - Save - Download, and I have a set of project files that I am 100% confident in.
For initial configuration I would sometimes resort to copy n paste from the PMAC screens into my editor files, so you may not think this is all that slick.

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