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About Sys.ServoErrorCtr
(12-15-2017, 12:22 AM)goto.keisuke Wrote: In my PowerPMAC software watchdog error is occurring frequently. (Once every 2 days)
After checking the variables that are likely to be related, the values of Sys.ServoErrorCtr and Sys.ServoBusyCtr are rising and I suspect they are related to errors.

I want to take measures,
would you please tell me about factors that affect the rise in Sys.ServoErrorCtr ?

Thank you for your reply.
I proceeded with the investigation.
It seems that Sys.ServoErrorCtr is getting bigger at initialization, it seems that it is not a direct factor of WD error.

In the past few days, WD error occurred together with Sys.WDFault = 1 and 2, I am suffering from narrowing down the cause of the occurrence.

The CPU uses Dual Core, and the steady state processing load is about 30% for both FG and BG, so it seems that it is not influenced by the processing load.

The cause separation test was carried out with several devices and it was confirmed that the frequency of occurrence is the highest among the devices which communicate with EtherCAT.
(Devices with errors are used as EtherCAT Master.)

If it is a question here, assuming that Sys.WDFault = 1 and 2 are both caused by EtherCAT related processing,
What kind of setting is affecting?

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