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Establishing a Phase Reference with a serial encoder
Thank you Richard, thank you for your reply.
I know what you mean, it should be the user who set Mxx71's value to 0 when the motor settles down to phase 0 postion.
The PLC program I was referring is the one in page 104 of 84E's manual.
What I do not know is, follow these steps, when I have set Mxx71 to 0, I should not modify it again, and let it change freely as the motor runs, right? but why does the PLC program modify it again to another value?
And our final goal it to computer a value for Ixx75 to use, why there is one sentence says "Assuming that Ixx75=3000", and in the PLC program there is one line "#define phase offset 3000"?

You have recommended me to read Geo Brick's manual, yes, this manual is really good, from this manual, I guess there are some misleading points in 84E's manual, "Assuming that Ixx75=3000" should be "Assuming that phaseoffset=3000"? but there is nowhere told us how to get the first phaseoffset(let me say that Ixx75 is the final phase offset, or how to distinguish them?). And the last line in this PLC "M171= (M162+ Phase_Offset )%(I171/I170)" should be "Ixx75= (M162+ Phase_Offset )%(I171/I170)"?

And from Brick's manual to 84E's manual, they both have one point that are curious, such as in page 116 of Brick's manual:"I180=0 ; Absolute power-on read disabled", is it a typo?

Thank you very much!

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