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Question about basic pid and user servo algorithm
Hello there,

I build simulink user servo algorithm as figure(a.jpg), following diagram from Power pmac user manual(b.jpg).

and Tuning control gain(kp, ki, kvff, kvfb) to work motor well.

then, The Same motor apply Basic PID(Motor[x].Ctrl=Sys.PidCtrl) with same gain.

I assume both of control gain are same but the motor servo off due to exceed following error limit.

The Basic PID in Power pmac is something different with the diagram in manual(b.jpg)?

The Servo frequency is 6kHz both of them. (at Simulink config, setting fixed step 1/6000)

Applying about 1/100 smaller kvff, kvfb gain than user servo, basic PID algorithm applied motor seems to control well.

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Question about basic pid and user servo algorithm - jstkrkim - 06-02-2015, 06:03 AM

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