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Turbo PMAC and Windows 8.1 and 10
(05-09-2019, 02:57 PM)steve.milici Wrote: Subject: Turbo PMAC Ethernet Communication problem with Windows 10

The Turbo PMAC communications driver (PCOMM Server) used to talk to the host PC is fully supported by the following operating systems:

• Windows 7
• Windows XP

For Windows 10, the PMAC communications driver allows the user to communicate to the host PC via USB and Serial port without any issues.

Communications over Ethernet should not be an issue except in the case of a “$$$***” command in the terminal window. This will cause a Windows “WSAETIMEDOUT” (sometimes also “WSAECONNABORTED” or “WSAECONNREFUSED”) error. PMAC will have successfully received and processed the “$$$***” command but the Executive will “crash” and will need to be restarted. It may be necessary to use the Windows “Task Manager” to kill the “Pcommserver.exe” process as it may get “orphaned”. Once restarted a “save” command can then be issued and other Executive tasks can be performed.

Since Windows 10 is not fully supported by the Turbo PMAC PCOMM server, ODT recommends using the Windows 7 operating system if Ethernet communications is used for the customer application.

There is a solution to the WSAETIMEDOUT error in Win10 when using Ethernet communications.

From the “PMAC Devices” dialog select “Properties->General” and check the “Multihost Enable” box.

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