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Setting up feedforward torque to servo loop via virtual motors
Hi DT support,

I am trying to set up a feedforward torque control delta robot. The inverse dynamics has been calculated and I plan to upload a list of compensating torque to the 3 motors used to actuate the manipulator.

Currently, a PMAC card
is used control the robot through the on board position servo loop. I hope to reduce following errors by introducing this compensating torque.

I wonder if it is possible to use virtual motors to update the torque compensating tables of the real motors for every servo cycle? I hope to map the 'commanded position' of the virtual motors (really the calculated torque) to the torque compensation tables or the real motors.

Would a PLC program be sufficient to do this?

Ideally, I hope to implement a motion program script which would look something like this:

X45 Y45 Z45 A(torquetermX) B(torquetermY) C(torquetermZ)
PVT 50
X45:00 Y45:00 Z45:00 A(TorqueX:TorqueX') B(TorqueY:TorqueY') C(TorqueZ:TorqueZ')

where X,Y,Z are the real motor angles and A,B,C are the virtual coordinate systems.

Thanks in advance!

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Setting up feedforward torque to servo loop via virtual motors - lanenwie - 09-14-2014, 01:27 AM

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