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Error 127 when building powerpmac project

We are having issue when build the powerpmac project through IDE. it shown as:

"The compiler was not abloe to generate an executable file. Please open error log for more information"

And the error log shows:

make: *** [capp1.o] Error 127

The message log shows:

rm -f "../../../Bin/Debug/capp1.out" capp1.o
arm-omron49-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -mhard-float -funsigned-char --sysroot=/opt/armv71-4.1.18-ipipe -I/usr/local/dtlibs/rtpmac -I/usr/local/dtlibs/libppmac -I/usr/local/dtlibs/libopener -I/opt/armv71-4.1.18-ipipe/usr/xenomai/include -I/opt/armv71-4.1.18-ipipe/usr/xenomai/include/posix -I/usr/local/dtlibs/libmath -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_REENTRANT -D__XENO__ -DOPENER_SUPPORT_64BIT_DATATYPES -g3 -c capp1.c -o capp1.o

We have tried reinstall the IDE and update the firmware but no luck. Any idea how we can fix it. Thanks a lot!
Are you able to build and download a new/blank project?
Turns out reinstall windows and reinstall the IDE fix the problem. Not sure what happen in the first place. Thanks for the help anyways

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