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CK3E EtherCAT Acontis - howto accomplish bus shift mode
I run CK3E ( with 2 Omron 1S-drives (Rev 10001). In master shift mode it's fine.

Howto accomplish bus shift mode?!
Why still do I have to set "ECAT[0].DCRefMaster=1" after loading Mapping to PowerPMAC?!

What I do (without success)
1. set Clock adjustment to bus shift
2. Click "Load Mapping to PowerPMAC"
3. Set using terminal "ECAT[0].DCRefMaster=1" (where point 2 let it at 0)
4. Clicke "Activate EtherCAT"

Why wihtout success:
The drives would run in CSP, but reading the slaves register 0x92C would give for the first slave steadily 0 (!) and for the second slave <>0. Both should deliver <>0 values in case of bus shift mode.

Regards, Anton
Bus Shift mode is not supported in that FW version. It will in a soon to be released version. Please contact your local Omron Technical center for release date details.
Thanks Steve!

I upgraded using IDE V4.3.2.19 from V2.5.0.3 to V2.5.4.0 - and lost gpascii and other stuff - no connection to ppmac anymore. Serially I can still conect. /opt/ppmac only shows usrflash and usrflash.x directories, nothing else anymore.

So how to successfully upgrade from V2.5.0.3 to V2.5.4.0 resp reinstall the lost directories?!
I could recover and successfully install V2.5.4.0, thanks to great support from Lucien / ODT Switzerland.
Looks like the device-tree "ls1021a-twr-ck3m.dtb" wasn't updated at all.

Anyhow, now bus shift mode seems to work fine.

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