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API documentation - shelinej - 01-03-2011

I am new to the world on Delta Tau and have been charged with writing an HMI in VB.NET. I have decided to run a web service on the PPmac and call the web service function from a separate web application. What is giving me grief is that I am unable to find documentation for available functions written for the PPmac. I have been able to use "InitLibrary()", "CloseLibrary()", and "GetResponse()" so far, but I only know they exist from reading this forum. It there documentation in the installed Delta Tau IDE that I am missing or do I just have to reference them all in a project and use the object browser in Visual Studio?

RE: API documentation - bradp - 01-03-2011

When you instal the IDE you also get several PPmac help files. Some of these cover the C language and others cover the script language. Goto help->contents and open the PPmac c language area and you will find the API information.

For some things you will need Getresponse() Command() SetPmacVar() & GetPmacVar(). For others (suce as Motor[] data structures) you might decide to point directly to shared memory (use Get SharedMemPtr())

RE: API documentation - shelinej - 01-03-2011

Excellent, thanks.