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Xenomai API use on capp - gaetan - 07-30-2021

Hi everyone,

I am working on a CK3E board, I would like to use function coming from Xenomai API.

First, the Xenomai version used is the 2.6.5 - Nucleus one.

According to a ' cat /proc/xenomai/stat ' and ' cat /proc/xenomai/sched ' cmd I noticed that the CAPPs are in RT class. Therefore, these CAPPs tasks are used as real time tasks. They perform some mode switch (primary to secondary) and this is not an issue in our use case.

Unfortunately, I would like to use some Xenomai functions which are included in the native API but I am facing the following issue:

- "undefined reference to `rt_task_sleep' "

native/task.h header file is included in my CAPP .c file and as expected the function is well declared. But it seems that the linker does not find the definition of the function. I am a bit surprised. Indeed, the -lxenomai is included in the LIBS used in the makefile.

Does anyone have an idea on what is going wrong ?

RE: Xenomai API use on capp - - 08-25-2021

I guess you have to link your app with as well (native xenomai API implementation). Not sure how to add some new libs using IDE. Check /usr/local/xenomai/lib on your power pmac for availabe xenomai libraries.