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Comp table bug in the IDE - maxvoxel8 - 04-05-2021

It seems that there is a bug when uploading a 2D comp table to the editor, editing it, and then downloading it.

Sometimes the CompTable[x].X0[1] value gets reset to 100, and the CompTable[x].Ctrl value gets reset to 7 (I have it set to 23 normally). This bug is present in IDE

RE: Comp table bug in the IDE - Eric Hotchkiss - 04-05-2021

I am having trouble replicating the issue. Are you sure there aren't other settings somewhere in the project? 100 does not sound like a default value. You can try to CTRL+F and search the whole project or solution for the setting.

RE: Comp table bug in the IDE - maxvoxel8 - 04-05-2021

I believe the problem may be in uploading. If I define a 2D comp table, download, then set Comptable[0].Ctrl to 23 in the terminal and then upload and download again, Ctrl gets reset to 7.

Same with First Data Point 2, if I set it to 2000, and download, it works. But then if I reopen the editor and upload, it shows 100 for First Data Point 2. Also if I change the value Comptable[0].X0[1] in the terminal and upload, it doesn't update the value.

This is on a Clipper with firmware, but it also shows up on a Powerbrick with or

RE: Comp table bug in the IDE - Smakarem - 04-05-2021

Hi Max,

I have replicated your issue with Ctrl getting reset to 7 as you described. I will bring this up with the software team and ask them to investigate further.