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NC Initialization - chasshannon - 10-20-2020

When I initiate the log on in NC16. I keep getting a initialization failure. Any Ideas?

RE: NC Initialization - Eric Hotchkiss - 02-18-2021

This is a known issue. The FunctionPlc has a timer that is too short. Open the "ppnc_function.plc" within the IDE project. I am attaching a screenshot. Scroll down to the first if statement. It should look like the code box below.

// -------------------- Handshake GUI Initialize Bit - Login --------------
if (CommandReg == UI_Initialize)
    CommandReg = UI_None
    // Send Initialized Handshake - Dwell 100 msec for slower PC's
    call timer(0.1)
    send1 "Initialized"

Change the timer to 1 to 2 seconds. You will have to $$$***, SAVE, $$$, Build and Download, SAVE, $$$ and reconnect with the NC software after making this change.