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'Long-Form Command' does not work - hjpark - 03-05-2020

Long-Form Command, like 'Jog/ 1' 'abort prog1', does not work

But if I write two lines, it works.

like this,
abort prog1
abort prog1
Jog/ 1
Jog/ 1

Not always.

Sys.NoShortCmds is set to 0.

Are there any more parameters I should check?

RE: 'Long-Form Command' does not work - AAnikstein - 03-06-2020

Where are you issuing the commands?

If you are trying in the terminal window, that syntax is incorrect--it would be "&1 abort" and "#1 Jog/".
If you are trying from inside of a script, the syntax for the first set is still incorrect--it would just be "abort 1", as you abort an entire coordinate system, not a specific motion program.

I suspect that your commands are "working" the first time, but addressing the wrong motor/coordinate system.

RE: 'Long-Form Command' does not work - hjpark - 03-08-2020

Thanks for reply. I will check the error of syntax.