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Emulate Quadrature Encoder Output - tahoe brian - 07-10-2019

Does anyone have a simple way to emulate quadrature encoder output that is tied to either motor or axis position?

We have an external application that needs axis position as an AquadB signal. We can't daisy chain the encoder hardware because we are suing sine encoders and ACC51 interface.

I could see doing what we need with a PLC, but not sure which outputs would be best. Is there an accessory that I am not thinking of that would help in this regard?


RE: Emulate Quadrature Encoder Output - curtwilson - 07-23-2019

With a Power PMAC, the "DSPGATE3" can automatically convert its pulse-and-direction output to quadrature.

You would set up a virtual motor that is slaved to the real motor position with whatever "gear ratio" you want. This virtual motor is configured as you would to command a pulse-and-direction stepper drive, except you change the PfmFormat variable to convert the output to quadrature.

There is no automatic way of doing this with older architectures.