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BiSS-C encoder reading. - fiedel - 06-28-2019

I connected a Renishaw 26-bit BiSS-C encoder to the PMAC and I'm monitoring the two encoder signals with a oscope. In PEWIN the Cts Per Unit is set to 1, and the position shows 107500. On the oscope it shows 631787 (26-bit position only, status and CRC bits removed). The waveform format is exactly as defined in the BiSS-C protocol, and CRC is correct, so I assume there's no error/noise causing measuring problem. Then how could the two readings be so different? Is the position window in PEWIN showing the raw read back value from the encoder?

RE: BiSS-C encoder reading. - steve.milici - 07-03-2019

This would be a technical support issue.
Please contact ODT's technical support at: