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Velocity dependent backlash - GuitarBrad - 02-05-2019

I'm on a PMAC Mini (PMAC 1).

I have a worm gear coupled to a motor via a flexible shaft adapter.

I run with minimal blending, (I187=1, I188=0), and reverse the motor while it is rotating at varying velocities. The backlash introduced by the shaft adapter seems to vary with velocity.

Does that mean I have to set up a backlash table, as opposed to just adjusting backlash iVars?

RE: Velocity dependent backlash - curtwilson - 02-20-2019

The backlash tables allow you to vary the magnitude of the backlash as a function of position, not velocity. So probably your best bet is to vary your backlash magnitude I-variable as a function of your velocity, probably in a PLC program.