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On-line commands (plc/cplc) - gmschoon - 01-11-2019

For on-line commands is there any difference in how the command is handled (ignoring execution priority/scheduling of the thread it is initiated from) between a plc and a cplc?

For example using 'adisable' directly in a plc routine vs using 'Command("adisable")' in a bgcplc or C app.

I also note that gplib.h states:

"These functions are for use as an API for linux "C" APPs. \warning They are NOT available to user written real time "C" PLCs."

Presumably this warning pertains only to the RTI driven cplc and use of "Command()" is ok for bgcplc routines.

Thanks for any clarification

RE: On-line commands (plc/cplc) - steve.milici - 01-11-2019

Both would be handled the same, going to the PMAC Command Processor.

You are correct that these functions are for bgcplc or C app and avoid RTI cplc.