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Problems wiht Type 4 - pop-up dialog message boxes - tzajicek - 12-03-2018

I am having difficulty using the Type 4 - DialogYesNo message box (the others as well). I have some PLC code that triggers from an Mcode. It displays a message box using send1 "DialogYesNo=Yes to continue, not to terminate" I follow this with a while loop While DialogResponse == 0 {}

The first time I select Yes, it returns properly. I run the CNC code that issues the Mcode a second time and if I select No, it will work properly BUT if I select Yes, the dialogbox disappears but the code hangs in the while loop. I have tried numerous things and can't get this to work.

What I am trying to do is, when the CNC program is starts, I want to ask a message like "do you want to start the feed motor" If the user selects yes, then I kick off a continuous move of that particular motor, if No, then I do not start that motor. There are other things that the Dialogs could be useful for if I can get them to work.

Also, what is the context for the DialogInput box. How do I use it in CNC code? I want to see what the numerical is that the user put in.