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ACC-84e3 firmware changes - JeffLowe - 11-07-2018

I was recently speaking with a potential encoder vendor on a BISS application who's product previously failed due to upper bit transmission failures. This was circa 2014. He informed me that there are firmware updates in the ACC84E that correct this problem. Can Delta Tau verify this and if this is the case, how do I get my older ACC 84E updated?

RE: ACC-84e3 firmware changes - Sina - 11-08-2018

I'm not sure if this information is accurate. Last update we have had on BiSS interface was for supporting Biss B and Biss C back in Jan 2011.

Just checking a few things: have we confirmed the status bits count is set correctly in Acc-84E[i].Chan[j].SerialEncCmd register bits [8:6]?