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NC 5. Function "SearchText" does not work - RomanSolonto - 11-07-2018

Good day.

NC has some functions to work with the desired line number:

The next procedure is working:
Desired line changes.

PHMIDoc.SendCmd("Devices.PmacNC1.SearchText(0,""N20"", 0)")
Does not working. Desired line not changes.

There is the form "frmSearch" in NC.
''frmProgramMenu" has the next procedure:

Public Sub Search()
Dim MyStr As String
MyStr = "Devices.PmacNC.Search"
' frmSearch.Show 1
End Sub

"frmSearch.Show 1" is commented out. It looks like it was used in earlier versions of the program. "Devices.PmacNC.Search" shows dialog box that i don't like.

Procedure "btnSearch_Click" of the "frmSearch" does not working too:

Private Sub btnSearch_Click()
Dim MyStr As String
Dim m_MatchCase As Long
If (chkMatchCase.Value = True) Then m_MatchCase = 1 Else m_MatchCase = 0
MyStr = "Devices.PmacNC1.SearchText(0,""" + txtSearch.Text + """," + Str(m_MatchCase) + ")"
PHMIDoc.SendCmd (MyStr)
End Sub

How can I search text and set the desired line without dialog box that used "Devices.PmacNC.Search"