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RESOLVED - ISR and Float - hannsx - 07-20-2018

in the User Manual it says that I can not use float variables or math in the ISR. So is it not even possible to declare a float pointer and to do a typecast of an integer value to write it to that pointer?
I would like to use the speed of the ISR to inject a position offset and would therefore need to write to the floating point register Motor[x].CompPos.
Ii know that injecting a position offset is possible by using a 0D-Compensation Table, but is there a way to accomplish what I have in my mind?
I am using a Linear Motor on a PowerbrickLV,
best regards,

RE: ISR and Float - hannsx - 07-20-2018

I got the advice from the support to realize my application in either the servo or phase interrupt, as there are no benefits from having position corrections faster than these. In these Interrupts there are no Limitations to the data formats,
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