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Setup Variable - aims - 05-18-2015

Hi, I want to ask why there is nothing in my setup variable? As attachment. Because I found that there must be something on the setup variable as I read the training slides there. Am I less configure something?

RE: Setup Variable - AAnikstein - 05-19-2015

Please email us at Support at DeltaTau dot com. There is a known firmware issue that may be causing this, so I would like to confirm what version you have and help accordingly. That said, to set up a system, you shouldn't really need to go through the Setup Variables window, you should be able to do everything you need with the Terminal or the System Setup tool.

RE: Setup Variable - aims - 05-20-2015

Hi, my system setup show 'In Development' for my power clipper. How to fix this problem? Is my software problem? My Power Pmac IDE is

RE: Setup Variable - *** - 05-21-2015

It says "In Development" because it's in development.

You should still be able to proceed and set up a motor, however. The screen to which you refer is just a status page.