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PowerPmacComLib - vtmtnbiker - 02-13-2014

I purchased this but there is no documentation. Where can I get the documentation? I need to know how to do simple communication to the controller.

I need to communicate with the Power PMAC with a send command and get response capability.

With Turbo PMAC we used Interop.PCOMMSERVERLib.dll.

MyPort.GetResponseEx(mDevicePort, CommandString, True, Response, Status)

RE: PowerPmacComLib - sdefisher - 09-23-2015

There is sample code with the Power PMAC Development Kit


communication = Connect.CreateSyncGpascii(DevProp.Protocol, communication)

They have a command similar to what you are looking for!

Dim response As New List(Of String)
Dim commands As New List(Of String)

Dim communicationStatus As Status = communication.GetResponse(commands, response)

Sorry for the zombie reply, but hopefully someone finds this useful.