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Power PMAC IDE Getting Started - bradp - 11-09-2009

These links will take you to our FTP site where you can download two video tutorials about the Power PMAC IDE. Tutorial 1 gives an overview of the entire IDE and how to navigate the different IDE windows. Tutorial 2 is is an overview of creating and download projects to the Power PMAC.

Both of these tutorials were made using the Alpha version of the IDE. This means some folder names in the project and some menu items have changed. But the overall functionality has remained the same and these videos are still helpful startup guides.

If the video does not play make sure you install the Techsmith codec. It is also in the FTP site or available from


IDE Overview: PPMAC Overview Tutorial Part I.avi
IDE Project: PPMAC Overview Part II.avi
TechSmith Codec: tscc.exe

RE: Power PMAC IDE Getting Started - briansneel - 03-16-2018

Link does not open

RE: Power PMAC IDE Getting Started - AAnikstein - 03-19-2018

It should work if you remove the http at the beginning of it, or click this link: Link