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Full Version: PowerPMAC Clipper APM86xx freezes
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I have a problem with the controller Clipper APM86xx freezing.
I am using Power PMAC-NC 8 axes. In manual mode, everything works well.
In Auto and MDI mode, when starting on the G0X100Z-100 frame, the controller starts moving and freezes (stops working).
It starts to work after a full reboot.
What could be?

–°ontroller configuration 8 axis .
ACC-8FS -2 boards
ACC-24S3-1 board
Thanks in advance for your help.
I figured out the problem. The problem is firmware
When I replaced the controller with a new one, everything worked with firmware . I updated PowerPMA–° to version and it worked.
I upgraded PowerPMAK to version and it worked. Where can I get the latest update for CPU 465(Clipper)?
Thank you!
This would be a technical support issue.
Please contact ODT's technical support at: