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Full Version: ECATMap generation
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The Index #defines generated in ECATMap.pmh have values of numbers which can be used as slave indexes. E.g. #define Bridge_ECX_ECPri_1001_Index 0.
However, in ECATMap.h the index #defines have “pshm->” which means they cannot be used in the same way. E.g. #define Bridge_ECX_ECPri_1001_Index pshm->0.

This means that currently in the C code if I want to use tryToSetSDO() and use the ECATMap macro to index the slave index I have to include the .pmh which makes the rest of the ECATMap macros useless.

Is there a way around this?
Is this the intended behaviour of the ECATMap generator? It seems to just stick a pshm-> on everything.