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Full Version: PMAC TCP/IP redux
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Having an identical problem to the OP in this thread:

I'm seeing the following error message, before communications to PMAC Clipper (not Power Clipper) are severed.

The vital circuit was reset by the remote side. Close all connections to PMAC including PMACServer then replug

This is happening pretty regularly to one machine, but I've seen the error on rare occasions on other machines. I've tried 3 different Ethernet cables, and a USB-Ethernet adapter in addition to the motherboard's onboard Ethernet port, so I'm fairly confident the physical connection isn't the problem. The watchdog light is not coming on at all, so the card doesn't seem to be losing power.

Is anyone else still having this problem? Any other ideas?
This would be a technical support issue.
Please contact ODT's technical support at: