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Full Version: Unable to use variable reference syntax
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In the users manual an example is given of defining an array:

global IncrementDist(512);

and then doing

MyTotalDist = sum(&IncrementDist, 512, 1)

to get the sum.

I'm trying to do this but getting the error:

Error : ( error #31) data error in equation : Q1045 = sum(&IncrementDist, 512, 1)

This seems to happen regardless of where I place the line or what variable it's assigning to. I am using IDE version and firmware version
Your syntax is slightly off. It should be:

MyTotalDist = sum(&IncrementDist(0), 512, 1)
Ah thanks, a mistake in the manual then.
Please provide us with manual name, date, and page where you found the error so we can correct it. In some places it is described correctly.
The Power PMAC Users Manual, May 14 2018, p.523