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Full Version: Run-time error codes like in Turbo PMAC
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In case of run-time error Turbo PMAC provided run-time error codes (Y:$002x14) !
Does Power PMAC also provide such informations?!
Yes - see "Coord[x].ErrorStatus" for bit (bit 16) details in the SRM.
Hi Stephen!

On Turbo PMAC there was a real run-time error status-word with a bunch of bits telling the cause of any run-time error:

= 1: Insufficient calculation time
= 2: Program counter out of range (too low)
= 3: Program counter out of range (too high)
= 4: Unlinked conditional statement
= 5: Subroutine stack overflow
= 6: Jump to non-existent label
= 7: Cutter compensation interference error
= 8: Forward kinematic execution error
= 9: Inverse kinematic execution error
= 10: No axes remaining in C.S.

On PPMAC there is only that one and only bit 16 in Coord[x].ErrorStatus - nothing else more anymore.
Or am I missing up something?!

Regards, Anton
Coord[x].Ldata.Status has that information.