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Full Version: #31: too many labels
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Product: Power PMAC-NC
Parser Options: MacroSupport=Parametric

Error occurs during download "#31: too many labels". This happens when downloading large files which contain GOTO statements with parametric arguments.

For Example: GOTO #100

In order to support GOTO statements with arguments all original "Nxxx" line numbers must be retained during download. This is necessary because the value of #100 will be evaluated at a later time and we cannot pre-evaluate the value during parsing.

As a result very large programs will encounter this error. The default allowable jump label maximum is 1024.

Solution: Modify the .ini file to allow more jump labels. The below line will increase the allowable jump labels to 2048:

; Optional open prog/subprog parameters (buffer number or *, local variable stack offset, max jump labels).