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Full Version: Turbo PMAC Address Conversion to Power PMAC
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Although in Power PMAC there are structure names defined for most of the IO devices, once in a while user has to find out the corresponding Power PMAC address for a known Turbo PMAC address.

The following software will convert the addresses for you:


examples of address which you can input:

I received a request for a modification on this software such that it can convert multiple addresses at a time instead of one address at a time. Since defining a special format for the file is more restrictive, I made an Excel Add-In to bring the address conversion to a fairly universal format.


Here is how my Add-Ins dialog looks like:


You can navigate to this dialog as follows:

Excel 2003: Menubar, Tools, Add-ins
Excel 2007: Start-button , Excel Options, Add-Ins, drop down: Excel add-ins, Go
Excel 2010: File tab, Options, Add-Ins, drop down: Excel add-ins, Go

In Add-Ins dialog click "Browse..." button and navigate to the extracted TP2PP.xla file.

How to use the function: