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Full Version: Communication task running timing
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I'd like to measure the time between PowerPMAC received the commmand from the Host PC and Motion Program running starting.

I think the Motion Progrram start timming could measure by using Program Running Bit, but I'm not sure about how to measure PowerPMAC receive command timing.

If I could check the resister of the PowerPMAC Communication task running bit,
Could you tell me how to check it?
I suggest that when you send down your command to start running the motion program, you write the system time to a P-Variable in the same transmission. As an example, supposing you are using motion program 1 in coordinate system 1, send down this:

P1 = Sys.Time &1 b1 r

Then, in your motion program, let the first line store the system time like this:

open prog 1
P2 = Sys.Time
// put other motion program code here

Then compute P3 = P2 - P1 and that should be a pretty good estimation of the time difference (in units of seconds).