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Full Version: Firmvare for old PMAC
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Please tell me. I have two old PMAC in PC104 format. (PMAC2A)
Both boards are fully working. I want to use them for small milling and lathe machine (нomemade). but I ran into a problem. One board has a firmware version 1.17B, while the second is the firmware version 1.17С.
Friends, please tell me whether it is possible update the firmware on these boards то 1.17H ??

Thanking you in anticipation ! Best Regards!
1.17C was the last version of Non-Turbo firmware. 1.17B can be upgraded to 1.17C.

Perhaps you meant 1.16 firmware. That does go up to 1.16H....
Thanks Gregs! Yes, I was wrong. I use the same ISA board on her version 1.16H.
please tell me - where can I download something 1.17С firmware. ?
And whether it makes sense to replace the firmware PMAC-1 (ISA) to 1.17C (instead of 1.16H)?
Best Regards!
You're welcome. If the board is being used to replace a board in a working system, it might be a good idea to match the firmware, just in case there is a firmware difference that matters. Another reason could be that there is a particular firmware update feature that is desired; otherwise, I would not bother.

If you would like to get firmware, please email your request to
Gregs Thanks! is now I will write a letter in support.
I think to have the same firmware version - the right idea.

One more issue as a curiosity. I have NC-2.36 (1). Has sense to use a machine to control it?
Or better use of HMI from Advantage 400 ? OCLB board is available.

Best Regards!
Both of those products are no longer in production. The Advantage 400 was a Delta Tau Europa (European) product. I could not say which would be the better choice. You would want to compare features.
I understand that this old equipment and it does not have any guarantees.
All I do - it's my risk and responsibility. But this is a hobby. simply great when a piece of iron begin to stir. :)
These controllers are very inexpensive on sale. (on ebay...) And I think that this is the best that you can buy at this price.

Friends - thank you for what you are doing ! is really cool controllers. And your support and assistance is very helpful!
Best Regards!
You're welcome, have fun, and best of luck to you!
I am again asking for help :)

I do the following:
1. board is connected to the PC through the PС104 connectors.
2. Close the E13 Jumper.
3. Run PC and load PeWin. PeWin saw the board and asked firmware. firmware is successfully updated.
4. Reload PC. PeWin dont see board...

I also tried to update the firmware through the RS 232 port.
firmware is 100% loaded. but the red LED lights up at the end (WachDog), and the message about incorrect speed.

what I am doing is wrong ??
Thanks! Regards!
1.16 firmware is not compatible with the PC104 PMAC (should be 1.17). That could be why there is a watchdog error, and also why firmware cannot be reloaded.

Does the watchdog LED light if the E13 jumper is not installed? If you can communicate, find out the settings of I46 and I54 to determine the baudrate setting. Check the firmware version, with Ver command.

If the watchdog continues, try powering with E3 jumper installed. Also, make sure that the 5V supply is not dipping or spiking outside of 4.75 to 5.25 volts. The board needs repair if the watchdog continues.
Gregs, no. I have not tried to install firmware 1.16. I installed it I sent a support team. Judging by the file name (photo1) is the version 1.17C
Can there be damaged board, if it is installed in pc104 slot, and connected to it by the same RS232 PС?
I now check how the board to respond to different actions. and I write the results.
Hello friends! Tell me please. Where can I find the latest boot firmware file for changing the mode of communication this board ? Best Regards!