Forum Announcement: CK3E Intermittent Boot Issue
Some CK3E's have an intermittent nuisance issue in that they would not boot on the first power on cycle or after performing a power cycle or in some cases multiple power cycles before the unit will boot successfully.

The issue was caused by inappropriate DDR3 memory settings. Upgrading the bootloader will modify the appropriate memory settings to resolve this issue.

The instructions in pdf format and the required Debian package can be found in the Firmware section of the FileDepot in the "CK3E Intermittent Boot Issue" folder:
" PMAC/Firmware/CK3E Intermittent Boot Issue/CK3EU-BootUpgradeInstructions.pdf"
" PMAC/Firmware/CK3E Intermittent Boot Issue/CK3EubootUpgrade.deb"